Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's been a ___________ kind of week

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Ever had one of those?  Where so much happens that you just can't fill in that blank. There's good and bad and horrible and moments where you fear the worst and it turns out to be something common.  Then there are moments where someone shows such immense care even in the most simplistic way.  I'm not feeling very artistic with my words, just want to be honest and hopefully share a teaching moment in the end.  Join along.

This has been my week.  A week that started last Thursday.  We were working on getting an event together for the Sunday afternoon, one with friends and great conversation and support.  Sunday morning was baptism.  Our daughter was on the list, she asked for a 'party' afterwards and we were getting one together.  But on Thursday morning she was sick, very sick.  So the family missed Sunday morning, the celebration was called off and the baptism of Mikayla was postponed.  She was devastated, we were hurting for her and all the while we had a much more serious moment happening that would unfold in the next 72 hours.

Bennet, our middle child and oldest son, began complaining of an ear ache.  I'm used to this as his ear canals resemble mine, that of the F1 Monoco grand prix, every direction but straight.  I grew up with ear infections every few months, not fun, but you get through it.  Tylenol became our first decision in care.  Friday night Bennet did not sleep, which meant 2 no sleep nights for Heidi and I (first 2 of 6).  Saturday we sat in emerge in pajama's and the doctor used the term "ear congestion" pain meds will be your friend.

Monday no relief in sight to our family doctor who squeezed Bennet into a full day, Torticollis (wry neck) was diagnosed, pain meds will be your friend.  Wednesday came, I am now at emerge, my throat so red and soar it feels as though a squirrel had climbed in there and started clawing around for some grubs.  I was also coughing so hard it felt as though the squirrel was re-emerging from my ribs.  "Virus" was mentioned, a term I despise hearing now and a throat swab attempted.  I find it's hard to open your mouth at all when it causes pain just to talk, so lets not try to hard to shove the cotton ended stick down my gullet.  Again, pain meds will be your friend.

After I get home we make some phone calls, Bennet is not improving and sleeps almost 18 hours a day for the past 2 days, not eating and his voice has changed.  We make arrangements for a good friend of ours to come in and watch our other two while we get a third opinion, at CHEO in Ottawa.  Off we run.

Mobility tests, awareness assessment, cognitive thinking exam and some x rays.  The fear: severe infection in Bennet's throat along his spinal cord, admitted to hospital, blood tests, iv medications, tears, pain, fear, frustration, anger, please God help!  The answer: bacterial infection in his left gland at the back of his neck, probably an ear infection and possibly a throat infection.  Heavy, and expensive, antibiotics to follow with pain meds.  Penicillin will be your friend.

Bennet now: moving his neck a little more everyday, sleeps 9 hours at night (mostly), temperament is back to almost normal, voice completely normal except when he whines about taking the meds, and he is again obsessed with video games. Just need to monitor his energy and movement for a while and we will walk through this, still pray for him.

Did I mention in here that Preston had pink eye?  No well he did, cleared up just as Mikayla and Bennet became ill.

Me, I went back to the hospital on Thursday, Wednesday night my fever approached 40 celsius and I broke out in a rash.  Again I feared the word virus, to me that word is now like a septic tank of useless terminology, like saying "not sure, come back when your dying".  Instead I got a run down of infectious bacterial issues thrown at me.  Very aggressive and advanced strep throat, scarlet fever and a cough that is possibly from allergies which I never had until maybe last year.  Take this very high dose of penicillin and get a cough suppressant for now, hopefully you don't break your ribs.  Feels like I have.  Now we are all on the mend, and praying it stays clear of us from here out, it's been a long week no a long YEAR.

Here's the teaching moment.  I recalled people saying they lived these moments in their lives and said "I know how Job must have felt now."  But we don't so I will not relate my week or year to Job's.  I have also heard them say "this is my wilderness moment like when Jesus was tempted by Satan after his baptism."  I don't feel that way either, we have been physically ill, not tempted to turn a stone into bread. Finally I have heard "what is God teaching you?"  I can relate to this question, only my answer is "I don't know, I'm really not sure at this point."  Because I'm really not sure, I do know my creativity has been sparked a little more, hopefully I will get the lesson soon and not have to walk through this season again.

What I am amazed by is that God in His infinite creativity and genius allowed a man years ago to discover that the mold growing on his day(s) old fruit if ingested in certain forms, is good for our bodies. Thank you God for moldy fruit.

Also I feel I need to mention that my Pastor, my boss, in his great care for my family, has told me I am not allowed at the church until Tuesday, maybe Wednesday.  So we cancelled youth, and I missed church this morning, and a great meeting that will happen tonight with our small group leaders.  Thank you God for a man who cares.

Q4U: what is God teaching you these days?

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