Thursday, May 19, 2011

Declarations (delusions?) of grandeur

Can you guess what I am going to say?  Everyone else is right?  The whole world is caught up in it after all.  You can't watch the news of go on the internet, check your email or call someone without hearing the words. 

Oprah is no longer the most powerful celebrity, Lady Gage is.  Not what you expected?  Probably thought I was going to discuss the claims to the rapture on Saturday, with a long bulleted list as to why it isn't.  Nope, too many people doing that.  I will say we need to be loving to all those who follow this teaching, because if Jesus doesn't return on the 21st, they are going to need a great measure of grace, and we need to be a light to the world because this could have a negative effect on the gospel and our witness.  But on with the conversation.

Oprah removed, Lady Gaga now #1.  You may be asking why I am talking about this on the 'spiritual blog' and not my life and leadership one.  Simply because this has great social and spiritual ramifications, so lets discuss it here shall we.

Oprah has long been the queen of daytime, lets face it she still is and will continue to be as long as she owns a network and broadcast companies run her shows over and over for decades to come.  Lady Gaga has sprung from the seemingly unknown into a superstar of odd and immense proportion.  Her music is featured everywhere and Oprah speaks highly of her. 

My concern of the situation, thus the title of this blog, not just an attention getter after all, I don't believe that either has the credentials to be a social leader in this world (my opinion only) and I also do not believe that they can lead in a spiritual atmosphere.  But that's where our world now holds them.  Do you follow me?  Spiritual leadership is not based on the belief of God, it's based on the connection with the followers, not biblical but this is the new normal.  

If Oprah mentioned an item as one of her favorites it instantly sold millions around the world.  If she listed a book on her book club reading list, it became number one over night.  She is a spiritual leader, because people follow her movements and learn from her just as the disciples did with Jesus.  She also holds the largest 'church' in the world.

Lady Gaga has revolutionized (wrong term?) the way people look at themselves.  With her non conformity, message of this is who I am I don't care what you think, and dramatic style she has gone from a spectacle to spectacular.  The spiritual climate around her is very alive, but not in a favorable way for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She quotes scripture out of context, uses christian figures in her shows, mentions God in songs and thank you speeches, and leads a massive following in her belief of life.  You know who else did this?  I can name a few dozen.

Both Oprah and Lady Gaga have become spiritual leaders for our youth, young adults, middle aged and elderly.  Every generation on earth has been impacted by them in some way, yes many good things have been accomplished, but for what eternal effect?  They lead and people follow, by the millions, and they have become spiritual leaders.

My conclusion of the way this is impacting our lives: be careful of who is leading you, and know what they believe, you may be surprised.

Question for you:  Is your leader(s) submitting to the shepherding of Jesus?  How do you see the effect that these two women have on our culture and spiritual lives?

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