Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dare to Move

As promised you will find below my notes from Friday nights gathering.  They do not encompass all our activities or all that was experienced.  In lieu of this I will do my best to recreate for you just what we were blessed with walking through during our first hour.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have and make any comments in regards to your participation during the night.

Dare to Move
2 Samuel 9
Context of why David’s decision to be kind was out of place and not popular.
Last Friday what we did was not popular in today’s culture, to leave a 60% tip after a meal, that’s not common for people your age or mine.
Are you tired of the normal everyday life?
Has the regular lost it’s edge?
Has the natural become boring?
Are you ready for more?

- Dare to Move -
What I have seen in the youth culture, is what I desire for each one of your lives.  I could show you videos and picture from youth events that were so far beyond the everyday, past regular and so not boring or natural.  I have seen the supernatural come face to face with kids aged 8 to 19 and they leave changed so drastically that who they came into a room as no longer existed.  People radically broken and altered because they experienced God on a Friday night at youth.  I have memories of conventions and retreats and camps where kids came in thinking they had everything they needed in life, and left after the weekend feeling like they had missed so much because God has opened their eyes and minds to so much more.  But those events are supposed to be the ‘iceberg’ moments of our lives.  What we experience here is supposed to prepare us for what could happen at convention, but we need to want it

                                       - Dare to Move - 

Our friday nights are intended to give you opportunity to connect with the super natural, a chance for you to experience God the way he wants you to.  It’s not popular or even common to have any communication with God, forget it being on such a deep level that you might actually cry or receive from Him, that’s almost unheard of for teenagers these days.  Think about it the creator of the world, wants to actually sit and have a conversation with you, not just ‘oh hey God, uh thanks for being you, k bye’  He wants to talk to you about who you are and who you can be.  I am tired of the everyday events on a Friday night.  My dream is to have the services that would prepare us for what convention and retreat weekends would hold.  That we would have an exciting worship time and we would experience God pouring out on us, I would love to see people in this room becoming the ones who share the message on Friday nights, that you would each start to see God work in your lives in new ways.  So make this dream yours as well, that we would be a group that gathers to make a difference in our community and see God move in our lives.
- Dare to Move -

In the midst of this message, about the moment we began to remember convention I spoke briefly about hearing the voice of God, that we are each made in such a way that we should be hearing frequently from God in some fashion, then I took a chance and asked who would like to hear from God who actually wants to hear him say something.  Unanimous, everyone in the room had a desire to hear from God, so I gave instruction to just listen, and i prayed briefly for God to speak, and we waited, and God moved.

One person responded that he had heard God whisper his name, perhaps God was giving knowledge that he does indeed know us, maybe he was allowing this young man to find a moment where he could really understand that God really does desire relationship with him.  Another spoke of a picture and a word he had received, one teenager became broken before all of us gathered, and God impacted her on the floor of our small room.  Maybe others heard some words, perhaps they saw pictures, but what can be said as truth, this was the first time since convention that God invaded our space and took the liberty to speak.  Why, because we gave him opportunity.  What was meant to be a message concerning the idea of moving towards loving even when it's not popular, became a moment of experiencing God move among us.

Truly an amazing moment in our journey.  Join us on this walk, to love others when no one else around will.  To have a relationship with God, when everybody else is saying that it's not normal.  To hear his voice, even when you think it's impossible.

Dare to Move.


  1. It was truly a great experience for the youth who were present. I think it's something more young people could witness and join in.

  2. Awesome!!!! It's so exciting to see God moving. Last week, in our own group, a girl stood up and shared from her personal journal. She had written a conversation with God as an exercise to help her through a major struggle. It wasn't until later, when she was reading it back to herself, that she realized God was speaking to her through her own pen. Powerful stuff! It's amazing to see God working in real, tangible ways!


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